Heritage, Creativity and Nature

The Whittington Home

This home is uniquely designed by Cora Whittington in collaboration with her brother, Michael who drew the plans, Feng Shui consultant Malca Narrol and several friends who helped co-create this amazing space.

The front bungalow appearance opens to an expansive walkout on a hill.

Come see:

  • The heritage brick
  • Magnificent view through windows or on the deck
  • Octagon tray ceiling, very unique
  • An old Peterborough canoe found in the woods turned into bookcases
  • Handmade furniture
  • Antique furniture
  • Interesting window treatments
  • Creative yet comfortable use of colour
  • Ceilings are nine feet high in B&B and meeting space level
  • 2000 sq. ft. entirely dedicated to B&B and meeting space
Window Frames that came out of our Century Home
The Old Becomes New

These are window frames that came out of our Century Home that we had to sell to become the buffer zone of a landfill site.

Serenity Room Peterborough BB
Unique Features

Our recessed octagon ceiling was handcrafted by our fabulous builder John Kraayvanger and designed by my brother Michael Van Raay

Canoe Furniture Peterborough ON
Unique Furniture

My husband David, found this old canoe in the woods about 30 years ago.  Cousin Wayne Nichols turned it into this beautiful furniture.  Wayne also made the family tree from wood from our farm and his father-in-law made the end table out of a very wide barn floor board.

Birdhouse Table
Birdhouse Table

I saw this in a magazine so Wayne Nichols built it for me out of two birdhouses.  It matches the wall mural painted by Elaine Kempt.

Farm and Country Peterborough BB
Your BB Kitchen

You have your very own fully equipped kitchen including an interesting tea cupboard and even a dishwasher to make your stay a true getaway.

Canoe Furniture Peterborough ON
Pastoral Scenes

You may see a friendly cow or occasional wildlife.


The Property

In 2002, we gratefully bought this magnificent property from David’s cousin, Bill Stewart. It has now been in the family since 1871. We have the deeds from the crown and know how much this property has been loved through the generations. The Stewarts are the same folks that Stewart Hall is named after.

In the fall and winter of 2002-3, we built a brand new home and meeting space and we love sharing it with you. It is wonderful to blend a rich heritage, an incredible view, unbelievable nature and a Feng Shui designed home.  Guests and clients repeatedly tell me how relaxing it feels just to walk into our space.

  • Relax on the fifty-foot front porch and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.
  • Take in the expansive view from the deck and get up early to enjoy the sunrise.
  • Enjoy the 195 acres. Explore the unique and hidden spots and enjoy nature.